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Associate of Science Dental Hygiene Degree

Associate of Science Dental Hygiene Degree

Dental hygienist clinicians work with dentists as a team, providing great oral health care to their patients. AS programs in dental hygiene prepare students as dental assistants or hygienists to enter the dental field. Read on for more information about degree programs which can help you become a dental hygienist.

Are You Interested In A Dental Hygienist Career?

If you are wondering whether a dental hygienist career is for you, it may be helpful to understand more about what it takes to be in this career and what a dental hygienist does. If you have an outgoing personality and enjoy working with people, want a job that has excellent working conditions and a good salary, then a dental hygienist career may be just what you are looking for.
A dental hygienist must go through a period of training that includes learning about such things as chemistry, nutrition, anatomy, pharmacology, and psychology. Courses may include instruction in microbiology, sociology, periodontal disease, and dental hygiene. There may be courses taught in the classroom, clinical instruction, and laboratory work. In general, a minimum two-year course of instruction is required, but there are some programs that offer certification in a shorter time and other programs that may go for up to six years, depending on the focus.
A dental hygienist usually works in an office setting, and the facility is usually very clean. Protective gear is usually required because of the close proximity to patients. Cleaning teeth, oral examinations, diagnosis, and even treatment plans may be part of the daily work done by a dental hygienist. One of the areas of focus is on educating people about proper oral healthcare.
A person needs to be able to get along well with people and should be able to help nervous patients calm down. Manual dexterity and steadiness is important because of the precision instruments that are being used in patients’ mouths.
Most people in this career report excellent job satisfaction. The hours are well-known to be flexible, and many people work part-time. The salary is usually considered to be good and it is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States. You can get more information about a dental hygienist career at your local dentist's office or visit with local colleges to learn more about the programs offered in this field.

Dental Hygiene Degree ➤

An AS in dental hygiene will train you to treat problems of the mouth and decay of the teeth, as well as to properly instruct your patients in caring for their teeth and gums. While there are accelerated programs offered in some places, you may also need over two years to finish this program.

Required CoursesThe following types of courses are necessary to complete an AS in Dental Hygiene:

  • Preventative Dental Care
  • Biology
  • Radiology and Dental Technology
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Anatomy and Physiology

Skills Attained ➣

In a dental hygiene associate degree curriculum, one learns how to remove deposits from the surfaces of a patient’s teeth, care for the physiology of the mouth, work with the advanced equipment in a dentist’s office, and instruct patients in caring for their teeth and gums.

Career Related Information ➣

Who Should Consider an AS Dental Hygiene Degree?
A person who is attentive to details, skillful at small detail work, into helping people be healthy and fine with working inside people’s mouths should make a fine dental hygienist.

Salary ➣

According to the College Board, the standard hourly rate for a dental hygienist is precisely $33.81. Naturally, this can vary significantly based on the area of practice, the level of experience one possesses and several other factors.

Economic Outlook and Growth ➣

With the great dental practice of today, more and more people can keep their natural teeth for their entire lives. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics believe that dental hygiene is a field growing faster than most, and shall continue to do so over the next decade. A good dental hygienist has serious job security.

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