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Correct Path to Become a Dental Technician

As one undergoes theoretical study and years of experience, one would be able to acquire dental prosthetics skills. These individuals who are able to grasp such skills are called laboratory technicians or dental technicians. Basically, the role of a dental technician is more towards managing the ‘backstage’ rather than meeting with patients. These people are the ones responsible for constructing crowns and bridges for your teeth. They also build fake teeth by acquiring your personal measurements. They work closely with a dentist and they acquire detailed and accurate orders in the form of writing. A dental technician uses various kinds of materials to create prostheses.

The materials may include wax, porcelain, and even gold. The current trend witnesses more choices coming up from non-metal, aesthetical materials. If you want to become this type of technician you need to check if creativity is second nature to you. This is because the task of building bridges, crowns, and fake teeth needs you to have a similar talent to a carver. The job of a dental technician may include building a complete or a fraction of dentures. He must also know how to construct crowns so that the root canal of a tooth (or a group of teeth) can be restored. Creating veneers is also included in his job description – veneers are known to be used for aesthetical purposes.

Investigating Dental Technician Careers ➤

Dental technician courses will include a variety of in-class study as well as laboratory experience. Being the crafts persons that they are,  they must gain valuable hands-on experience to exercise their competency. The choice of dental lab technician schools is plentiful.  Take a good look around your area and you are likely to find multiple prospects and recently a popular choice has been to utilize online schools to get your training underway. The programs that tend to be most successful in this area are those that offer a hybrid learning model in which some of the dental technician schoolings take place online and the remainder occurs on-site at a select facility.
Dental technician programs run the gambit in terms of length of time, but many individuals choose to get at least a two-year degree. There are also some in-house training programs where a dentist or orthodontist might take you in as a trainee. Also, it is not a bad idea to pursue your dental technician certification as it provides you with the credentials you need to better your station. Once you have an opportunity to work with some of the dental technician equipment and collaborate with others who have more experience than yourself, you will begin enjoying the initial learnings of your craft. Eventually, you will reach a point where your training is complete and you are ready to embark on your search for dental laboratory technician jobs or ceramists jobs or whatever titles they may go by.  

How Long Does it Take to Become a Dental Technician?

Are you considering a dental career but are concerned with the length of time that it takes to complete the program? Researching the various dental technician programs to determine the length of time before the student becomes a trained dental technician can help the student to make the decision that is going to best suit their educational goals. The majority of programs that are available while studying to become a dental lab technician can range in length between two to four years, depending on the type of program that is being completed. Lab technicians that are generally trained to work in dental technician labs can finish the education required and move on to the training portion of the career in as little as two years, where other students that wish to specialize in certain aspects of dental technicians may require up to four years of education. Depending on the goals in the career, the student can determine the length of time that they are going to use to develop the career. The student should keep in mind that specializing in a specific aspect f the industry can increase the instance in which they will find a job, but also increase the amount of the earning potential of the student. For many students, the additional time and education that is required to train and create the on the job experience are going to pay off through the decision that has been made. Students that are seeking to accelerate the programs that are available through local colleges and technical schools can use methods like increasing the course load or skipping the common breaks that are available through the program. This way, the student can increase the education learned in a shortened period of time.

The skills of a dental technician include ➤

1. Creating prosthetics solutions including crowns, bridges, ceramics, and partial or full dentures in accordance with the specifications of dentists.
2.Working with dental abnormalities
3.Working with orthodontic appliances
A dental technician is also called a dental laboratory technician.

Dental Technician Educational Requirements ➤

Though a dental technician generally receives on-the-job training, a lot of employers prefer those who have had formal training by attending community colleges or vocational-technical schools.
Those who have been trained by the U.S. Armed Forces are also generally picked by the best employers. Most of the programs for dental technicians lead to an Associate’s degree but some can also be 4-year programs that can lead to a Bachelor’s degree. Apart from preferable classroom training, a dental lab technician has to have hands-on experience. There are some who choose to become certified. Voluntary certification can be taken at The National Board for Certification. There are a number of routes to becoming a Dental Technician. Some people enter the profession as graduates, usually with a degree in Dental Technology. However, a degree is not essential. Others join organizations directly as Trainee Dental Technicians. They develop their skills through a combination and on-the-job training and study towards a formal qualification. Ultimately, to become a Dental Technician, you must be registered with the General Dental Council. To register, you will need to hold an approved qualification – such as a degree or a BTEC in Dental Technology.

Characteristics of a good dental technician are the following ➤

1.Good manual dexterity
2.Good vision
3.Not color blind
4.Notices even the slightest variation in shape
Is keen on precision

The Dental Technician’s Job ➤

A dental technician job is also known as a dental laboratory technician job. There are some dental technician jobs that do not require dental technician certification. But, most of the employers hire only certified and trained dental technicians. Dental technicians earn a median yearly salary of $25,820 to $61,000 or an hourly wage of $17.00. The main responsibility of dental technicians is to provide dental procedures to the patients according to the instructions given by the dentist under whom they work. The primary responsibilities of dental technicians include creating dental crowns, dental bridges, & dentures; creating molds of patients’ teeth & jaws; and building prosthetics for dentists according to the instructions provided by the dentist under whom they work. Usually, dental technicians may be trained to specialize in one of the fields – crowns and bridges, complete dentures, partial dentures or ceramics, and orthodontic appliances. A certified dental technician must be very helpful in assisting dentists. The certified dental technicians must be able to handle dental procedures or create dental appliances efficiently under the guidance of the dentist under whom they work. Moreover, a certified dental technician must be able to handle the patients effectively, patiently, and skillfully. Mostly, dental technicians need not meet the patients directly since they have to make the dental appliance for a patient according to the instructions given by the dentist under whom they work. Moreover, they return the completed dental appliances to the dentist. The dental technician job involves making dental appliances using materials like gold, plastic, and porcelain by employing techniques such as casting, molding, carving, grinding, polishing, etc. When making dental appliances like bridges, crowns, braces, and dentures, dental technicians must make sure that the appliances fit the patients perfectly. Moreover, they must design the appliances perfectly in a way to improve the patient’s appearance, without affecting the patient’s ability to speak and chew.
To be successful as a dental technician, you must have excellent technical skills to create precise and perfect work. Good eyesight and color vision are also important to make perfect works. The dental technician must be able to concentrate and dedicate more time in case of complicated dental works. Moreover, artistic skill is also required to make crowns, dentures, and other appliances perfectly. In order to do a dental technician job efficiently, you must develop interpersonal skills and the right approach to handle dental procedures for patients. The dental technician must be efficient in operating dental equipments, and in selecting the right dental procedures. Excellent interaction skills are must shine in this job, besides being efficient in technical skills.

Here’s an example of your would-be tasks ➤

Create a model of the patient’s mouth by pouring some plaster onto the impression or mold made by the dentist.
Examine the model for the bite, gum line, and surrounding teeth
Create and shape wax models of the patient’s tooth or teeth which will then be used as the framework for the needed prosthetic device
After the metal framework has been cast, dental technicians prepare the surface to adhere to the porcelain
Form teeth from porcelain
Continue in adjusting the shape and color of the teeth by placing it in the porcelain furnace. This will then bake the porcelain onto the metal framework.
The dental technician may not always be a part of the visible dental team at the office but this invisible team member plays a crucial role in making those patients’ smiles a whole lot brighter!

Can I Become a Dental Technician Online?

With the popularity of online technical and vocational programs increasing, students are having more and more doors opened when it comes to becoming a dental technician online. Though there are many programs that are available to choose from online, becoming a dental technician requires the hands-on and classroom experience that is delivered through a laboratory and classroom environment, meaning that in order to become a dental technician, the student is going to have to attend a traditional classroom-based learning environment. As an alternative to online courses and training, the student will participate in classes and labs that will train them to become dental technicians. Using the information that is provided to the student, they can learn the methods and techniques that are used to become a dental technician through the crafting of the devices and the honing of the skills that are used to create dentures and veneers for patients.

Once the training has been completed in the classroom, the student will be required to take part in job training. This type of training is often facilitated through the placement in the various programs, allowing the student to learn about the skills needed and having the chance to work with the tool and create the devices that they have learned in theory through the course of education. Once on the job training has been completed and the student has taken the measures to become certified, the student can become a dental technician and begin the job search for a paid position. Though the student can’t complete the course training online, the student can indeed learn about the various courses that are available, supplement the course information, and even research the various programs that can be used to continue education as a dental technician.

If you are interested to become a dental technician, it’s good to know that you don’t even need to be a degree holder in the first place. If you are a high school graduate this certification is good enough for you to apply for the job. During entry-level, you will be required to do research duties in the laboratory. After a while, you will be allowed to perform the actual work under the guidance of senior technicians. However, if you really want to go far in your career, it is best to acquire an appropriate certification since many people are also interested to become a dental technician.

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