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Career Overview of Dental Assistant

              Career Overview of Dental Assistant 

Career Overview of Dental Assistant

As for the scope of the dental assistant course, they held nearly 346,000 jobs at various health care premises. And the rise in figures for these numbers is rising day by day and would reach a voluminous number by 2028. The employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028. A dental assistant works at varying roles and positions at the dental assistant fraternity. They assist the dentist, work with suppliers, schedule patient appointments, teach patients about oral health, and taking patient x-rays. A dental office cannot work without a dental assistant.

The ideal candidature for a person who wishes to carve out a career in the dental assistant field happens to be a sensitive and caring one who can follow procedures and feel it happy in interacting with patients. They generally should have the capacity to learn things constantly. As for career perspective as everybody needs dental care, therefore, there is a massive career opportunity in dental care.

1.Online Courses for Dental Assistants ➣
There a good number of courses are available for in a dental assistant career and these courses can vary from colleges to colleges depending upon stream and courseware.  The most common course for dental assistants is First Aid and CPR, Clinical Chairside Assisting, Dental materials, infection control, laboratory procedures, business administration, head, and neck anatomy, oral anatomy, Tooth Morphology, and Microbiology, Anatomy and physiology and many more other courses.

3.Accreditation of Dental Programs ➣
The next step for proper education at a dental assistant course is the accreditation of the institution from a credible agency. An accreditation from the agency is evidence of the fact that facilities provided at the institute are of top-notch quality.  For dental assistant courses, there are three primary bodies and institutions. These institutions are: Dental Assisting National Board, Inc (DANB), Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA)

2.Dental Assistant Course Certification ➣

After completing the dental assistant courses the next step is the certification. Certification from a recognized university for a program lets an aspirant have better career opportunities as an employer give preference to a certified dental assistant. The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) is the body that provides legible certification to the student who passes out its 4hours long certification test. A dental assistant who is trained at trained on the job or has an unaccredited training program should have 2 years of work experience before they are about to take a certification course and program.

4. Salary for a Dental Assistant ➣
As per the salary schedule of dental assistants, it is based upon experience and qualifications. As for estimates and figures for dental assistants, 50% of dental assistants get a salary between $32,785 and $35,564 annually. But more experienced dental assistant earns salaries in the range of $39,400 a year. However, the hourly rate for dental assistants varies from states to states in the United States. They tends to fall at following rates, California: $16.96, New York: $18.92, Illinois: $15.13, Pennsylvania: $16.30, Georgia: $15.40, Ohio: $16.03, Virginia: $16.91.

Being A Dental Assistant Is A Good Job?

Career Overview of Dental Assistant

Are you considering a career in the health field? Do you think being a dental assistant is a good job? Many people want a job in the medical field because it’s a great career and is always in demand. However, “health” encompasses a lot of different fields, and one of those could be a dental assistant. Any job can be a good job if you enjoy it. One important thing when searching for a career is: Will you like it? If you hate math, accounting may not be a good choice. If you don’t like blood, a nurse will probably be far down on your like list. Just remember to try and incorporate the things you enjoy doing in a job.

Traits/Things You Should Like To Be A Dental Assistant

Career Overview of Dental Assistant

1. Helping people ➣
If you enjoy helping others, being a dental assistant could be a great choice, as most of your day will be spent with patients.

2.Teaching ➣
You will teach patients how to clean their teeth properly.
3. Assisting the Dentist.
You will be handing the dentist's equipment, so you will need to be okay with taking direction. You may also help with prepping the patient and it is important to follow directions clearly.

4. Enjoy computer work ➣
Some of your work will include making appointments and other administrative duties. If you are unfamiliar with the computer or do not like computers, it may be better to look for a career that deals more with patients or something you enjoy more.

5.Talking on the telephone ➣
When potential patients call to ask questions, you will probably be the one they speak with. It is important to like talking to others and be knowledgeable. You will also be calling clients about appointments, vendors about new equipment, and maintenance when machines break down.

6.Caring attitude ➣
It is extremely important to care about others in this field. You will deal with children and adults that are scared of the dentist’s office. You will also deal with those who just want to make waves. A sincere caring nature is important.

7. Be on time ➣
You will be expected to be on time to work, as well as be on time coming from breaks and lunch. It isn’t fair to make the dentist or patient wait for you.

8. Be supportive and strong ➣
The weight of the world may not sit on your shoulders in this position, but there will be so many people relying on you. Patients will rely on you to clean instruments properly, call them to remind them of appointments, deal appropriately with insurance claims, and so much more. The dentist will rely on you for the same things as well as handling machines and other equipment. Even the dental hygienist will rely on you. If you enjoy having a lot of responsibility, this is a great choice for you.
Do you think being a dental assistant is a good job? Only you can decide. No one else can answer this question for you. Really take the time and make sure this is what you want before starting school and you’ll be prepared for the position of the dental assistant.

Here are some other reasons that dental assisting makes an excellent career choice:
Career Overview of Dental Assistant

1. It’s easy to get into ➣
All you need is a high school diploma to start. Training in a certified program–such as the one we offer at the Dental Assistant Training School–is not a requirement in Texas, but it will give you a significant edge in today’s competitive job market.

2. Great working conditions are guaranteed ➣
Dental assistants work in clean, well-lit environments. They wear gloves, masks, eyewear, and special clothing to protect themselves and their patients from infectious diseases. If they are not working part-time, they usually have a steady 35 to 40 hour work week, which may include Saturdays or evenings.

3. It’s a gateway to other exciting job opportunities ➣
If you want to advance, the opportunities to do so are there. Dental assistants can become office managers, dental assisting instructors, or dental product sales representatives. Some go back to school to become dental hygienists.  It all depends on what you want to do with your career.

4. The pay and benefits are attractive ➣
According to the American Dental Association (ADA), almost all full-time dental assistants employed by private practitioners receive paid vacation time. Many receive medical coverage, retirement plans, and other benefits. The ADA has also found that 90% of full-time and part-time dental assistants receive dental care as an employment benefit.

5. It has one of the brightest job outlooks of any career ➣
The number of dental assisting jobs available is expected to grow by 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than average for all occupations. This is in part because as the large baby-boom population ages and as people keep more of their original teeth than did previous generations, the need for dental maintenance will increase the need for dental assistants.

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