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Continuing Education for the Dental Hygienist ➤

Continuing Education for the Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienist continuing education is something that functions to two core purposes:
Continuing education classes are a requirement to maintain the dental hygienist license
Help with keeping up on the knowledge to stay aware of the new technology, tools, techniques, innovative medications and the comprehensive information that helps a dental hygienist stay on top and enrich their abilities and skills
It was found though, that the best classes to take are those that are offered in locations that are comfortable and convenient and most preferably, close to home.


Naturally, every state has its own requirements for continuing your education. Every state requires a dental hygienist to undergo continuing education classes every so often, though the frequency and number of hours you need to take varies. You need to stay abreast of what you need, and additionally any changes to what you need as far as continuing your education.

Online Courses:

It is very easy to find continuing education classes on the Internet, especially at the American Dental Hygienist’s Association (or ADHA). Some of these continuing education classes are $15 to $25 for ADHA members or $30 to &35 for the general public. Their advantages are their rapid testing right after the module, and the fact that every module is self-paced and counts for one to two hours of credit. The courses Dental Didactics offers are downloadable for $7 to $10 and also work. Before you pay for any online dental hygiene courses, be sure they’re accredited.


It can be very enjoyable to attend a continuing education class, but it costs a lot. There are actually short retreat-like courses where dental hygienists go for the maintenance of their licenses. Old Dominion University in Virginia offers a continuing education retreat over a three-day session each winter in Virginia Beach Hotel, where 15 continuing education hours can be acquired. If you are a part of a dental hygienist organization, you can often meet your continuing education requirements at the meetings each year. While this is great for networking and certainly enjoyable, it is a very expensive option.

Community Colleges:

Attending a continuing education course at your local community college can be a good option. First off, the opportunities are typically all year round, such as what Sacramento City College and the New Hampshire Technical Institute offer. Sacramento will provide you a unit of continuing education for around $250.

State Organizations:

It is easy to find organizations for dental hygienists which can help you with continuing your education. Sometimes the classes offered are even alternative, such as the Spanish classes offered in Arkansas to help hygienists communicate with the burgeoning Hispanic population. Every state has ample opportunities to maintain your educational requirements, and they are usually very cost-effective for the value you receive.

Dental Hygienists Potential for You ➤

If you have always been interested in people’s different smiles, maybe a career as one of the dental hygienists will be of interest to you. Even if you are still in high school, it is not too soon to begin your search. The first thing you should do is to read information about what they do on a typical day and if you like what you read, move forward with the plans. You can also ask some interesting questions when you visit your dentist. Start by noticing what goes on in a dental office. There are many people besides the dentist who may work in the dental office.

Along with dental hygienists, you will find dental assistants who do much of the office and lab work. When the patient first enters the office area, they will be greeted by a receptionist. The dental hygienist can clean the client's teeth and can also give local anesthetics. They can give other clinical services to their patients as well. You will spend each day working with the patients and helping them learn new habits and better ways to care for their teeth and gums.
While in high school you can begin this goal by taking some of the prerequisites that you may be required to have. The course load will be heavy in the sciences such as biology and chemistry. There are private schools that you can attend but if you are on a budget, you should look into the local community college where you can also get an associate’s degree.while becoming dental hygienists. Your guidance counselor can help you find scholarships and the best financial aid programs.

You will need to pass the National Board exam and get registered. The jobs for dental hygienists have good potential to increase. The schedule can be flexible depending on where you decide to work. Most likely you will have the holidays paid and all of the benefits included. After working for a few years, many decide to make a part-time schedule since the can manage all of their bills on the part-time income
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