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Dental Assistant Salary: All You Need To Know➣

Dental Assistant Salary:All You Need To Know

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for more information regarding the dental assistant salary. It is true that the dental assistant salary can be very attractive and also this job can be very satisfying and rewarding. If you are looking for a career that has a good salary as well as a range of other benefits then this profession could be the ideal choice for you. Most of the training, to become a dental assistant, is practical. You can often learn the skills on the job so you will not need to spend thousands of dollars to become qualified for this position. Therefore it is an ideal career choice for a person who does not want to spend several years in college.
When you become a dental assistant then there is a range of duties that you will need to perform which will involve assisting the dentist. Some of these tasks you will handle yourself while other tasks you will just need to monitor. Other duties will involve communicating with the patients and making them comfortable as well as maintaining discipline, making records, dealing with phone calls, and cleaning equipment.

When you become a dental assistant, you will be working together with a dentist and would help with different dental duties and activities.

These duties include one or more of the following ➣

Sterilization of instruments
Giving assistance during dental procedures
Prepping charts
Taking X-rays
Updating charts of patients
Keeping a patient’s mouth dry
A dental assistant salary is higher than the average laborer’s pay in the U.S. It is also one of the professions with an ever-growing number of employment opportunities.

What Factors Influence the Dental Assistant Salary?

There are quite a few factors that can have a drastic impact on the dental assistant salary. We’ll be exploring several of these in detail in future articles here at the Dental Assistant Salary and Career Center to help you in preparing to find the most competitive compensation package for your area. However, in this article, we’ll take a brief look at the primary factors which can influence earnings so that you can understand what to expect when researching job openings.

Dental Assistant Certification ➣

As you may be aware, the significance of dental assistant certification can have many positive impacts on the career of a practicing dental assistant. However, one of its most important benefits as you chart your career course is its influence on the dental assistant salary. Dental assistants who have been recognized and certified by the Dental Assistant National Board, or DANB, often receive median earnings of several percentage points higher than individuals working in the field without this certification. And since certification has many other benefits, it is wise to consider gaining DANB certification early in your career.

Geographic Location ➣

The state and region in which dental assistant practices can also have a significant impact on the dental assistant salary. Since salaries are largely a function of the cost of living with a state or a region, carrying out your due diligence to understand what earnings you can expect within your current location can help you make important decisions that can affect your career as well as your earnings. If you determine that other states or regions offer noticeably higher median wages than yours and you have the flexibility to move, you may decide to do so to position yourself to receive a higher dental assistant salary.

Education Level ➣

In the United States, the majority of dental assistants currently practicing have gained their skill competencies through on the job training. However, many educational institutions have developed and offer accredited short-term courses that are designed to prepare dental assistants with the specific clinical and administrative skills needed to practice as a dental assistant successfully. When you enter the workforce already prepared with these valuable skills, you actually increase your value as a job candidate since you will require less training and guidance from existing staff members. This can lead to a higher starting dental assistant salary.
Understanding the factors which influence the dental assistant salary can help you in better positioning yourself as an attractive candidate to employers once you begin your job search.

The salary records indicate that the dental assistant salary is quite lucrative as research has found that the average salary for a dental assistant is around $30,000 a year. However, with experience, the dental assistant salary can rise above $43,000 annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that the average dental assistant salary is around $34,000 per annum. It is important to note that experience along with your skills will play a major role in deciding your salary. Those that are employed by federal sectors can earn as much as $38,000.And, of course, your salary depends greatly on the state that you’re working and residing in. Also, the responsibilities you are given will also play a key role in deciding your salary. Also if you work long hours and work overtime shifts then you will earn you a much higher salary.

If you are looking to get a job as a dental assistant then it is important that you get certified by the Dental Assistant National Board. Those individuals who are certified will earn more than those people who are non-DANB certified. If you are certified then you will also find it much easier to get a job as a dental assistant as most dentists tend to prefer their sidekick to be competent and credible. The type of practice that you work in will also play a role in the dental assistant salary that you receive. In a general dentistry office setting the average wage is around $17 an hour, however, those who work in pediatric dental clinics can make an average wage of around $19 an hour.

Becoming a certified dental assistant is the best way to ensure that you get the best dental assistant salary. The training itself only takes around nine months and you will then be eligible to take the certification test. It is also important to point out that there is a range of career opportunities within this profession and you can expect to have a stable career for many years to come. Becoming a dental assistant is a rewarding profession. This can serve as your stepping stone in the dental industry. You are basically there to assist the dentist so you will gain a lot of experience when it comes to dental duties and procedures.

If you want to start earning a dental assistant’s salary, here’s what you need to achieve education-wise ➣

Making a Difference in Your Dental Assistant Salary with Your Educational Achievements
While a dental assistant can earn his skills on the job, some can receive training from programs for Dental Assisting.
Dental Assistant Salary These are offered by some community and junior colleges as well as technical institutes.
Even the Armed Forces can offer training with regard to dental assisting.
The most common courses that a dental assistant should excel in are chemistry, biology, office practices, and health sciences.
People who have certifications have better career options than those who don’t have them.
There are online certifications for those who would want to advance in their careers. You can also aim higher by earning an Associate’s degree in Dental Assisting.
This takes an average of two years to complete. The courses for this degree include radiology, dental materials, oral biology, dental morphology, and dental management.

Conclusion ➣

if you want to earn more like a dental assistant, you should present more training certifications or a diploma.
There is also the Certified Dental Assistant Examination which can give you a license to work in some states.
It would be a wise career move to become a dental assistant when you still don’t have the means to finish a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
Finish your Associate’s degree, get certified, and then move up the career ladder!
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