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Dental Degree Options for the Dental Hygienist:

Dental Degree Options for the Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is a part of the professional dental staff and her job is vital to the dental team. Dental Hygiene is a promising field because of its potential growth according to BLS and the average salary for 2018 was over $74,000. There are three dental degree options that a dental hygienist candidate can take. Essentially each option could build on the next if you wanted to start at one level before continuing on to the next. Whichever degree you choose it does have to be from an accredited school that is recognized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.


A certificate has minimal requirements for all dental degree options. It can usually be completed in less than one year. The course study usually focuses on just the key skills that you will need to perform your duties as a dental hygienist.

Associate Degree:

The associate dental degree will take you at least two years to complete. This degree adds the liberal arts component that the certificate degree does not. A dental hygienist getting his associate degree is more well-rounded. He can expect to learn more about the field of dentistry besides the key skills needed to become a dental hygienist.

Advanced Dental Degrees:

A Bachelor’s dental degree will take at least four years to complete. This degree will offer everything that an associate’s degree does and substantially more. The dental hygienist who takes this route has usually gotten her associates and decided to continue her education to allow for advancement.  She is most likely thinking of teaching or taking another avenue that requires this level of training.

A Master’s program is an additional 2-4 years after receiving your bachelor’s and like the bachelor’s degree, at this level, you can teach, be in the public health sector or be in the field of dental research.
As you can see, there is room for advancement in the field of dental hygiene. It really is up to the individual as to how high you want to reach. You can decide to come in at the certificate, associate or advanced degree level. At any level, the career is challenging and the pay is satisfactory.
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