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Dental Hygienist Salary – How to Plan for A Better Pay

Dental Hygienist Salary – How to Plan for A Better Pay

Dental Hygienist Salary – How to Plan for A Better Pay

Dental hygienist salary can reach more than a hundred grand per year. This amount of dental hygienist salary is obtainable but keep in mind that not all can achieve this level without putting in some extra effort and time. If you are currently working as a dental hygienist it is possible for you to increase your salary for more than fifty percent in a couple of years. Even when you are just at the entry-level or haven’t obtained any certifications in this field you can earn handsomely if you know how to do it, so let us get right into the tricks and tips.

In order to obtain a generous amount of dental hygienist salary, you must know one secret. A diploma is needed to qualify you into becoming a dental hygienist, but it doesn’t guarantee you a good annual salary. Keep in mind that a dentist will always need a hygienist to assist him at all times, so you must learn how to impress the dentist you are working with. This means you need to polish up your skills so that your dentist will, in return, try to impress you so that you won’t leave him and work for another dental office that can pay you a higher dental hygienist salary!
All in all, it is quite easy to earn a high dental hygienist salary once you have established a good rapport with your dentist. In most clinics, the dentists are the actual owners and they are the ones paying your salary. Being a hygienist who assists her dentist in the most effective way can almost always promise you bigger raises and yearly bonuses.
You can live your dream life if you take up the challenges of becoming an effective dental hygienist. As a reward, you will definitely get to enjoy a better paid dental hygienist salary.

Salary Expectations ➣

Dental Hygienist Salary – How to Plan for A Better Pay

One of the best things going is a smile, so keeping its component parts (the teeth and gums) is a big deal. For many people, the cleanliness of their mouths is seriously important. But to some people, it just doesn’t matter.
Often, the costs of proper dental care are what cause the very tiny minority of folks who do not care about their teeth to be so flippant. While surveys indicate that 95% of the population minds the look of their teeth and gums, there are always those people who just do not care.
In this day and age, this is a silly argument. There is an abundance of clinics that serve the dental needs of the world and at very reasonable prices. These days, there is simply no excuse not to visit a dental clinic and take care of one’s teeth and gums. Cost is not a factor in the slightest anymore.

Dental hygienists concentrate on helping people through basic examinations. In cases where there is no dentist, the price is far lower. As well, less experienced dentists also tend to charge less than their more experienced professional brethren do.
When a dentist is involved, it just becomes more expensive. However, when the clinic depends primarily on dental hygienists, the prices can stay extremely reasonable. After all, they can administer perfectly good services, but they lack the extra education of a dentist.
A dental hygienist’s compensation can range from as low as $54,000 per year to at high as $94,000. Part of the pay issue comes down to time since they often work part-time. More working at more clinics naturally results in greater pay across the year.
If the hygienist wishes to maximize his compensation, he has methods of doing so. If his skills are great and he remains positive, he can be both well financially compensated and happy with his work. Granted, licensing is only enough to get one’s foot in the door.

To work in a private clinic, a hygienist must possess a certificate or an associate’s degree. However, to work in a public clinic, a bachelor’s degree is also necessary. This says nothing about how difficult it can be simple to get into dental school. Aside from schooling, licensing also needs to be taken into account. Every state requires its hygienists to be licensed in order to work. Without a license, there is no money to be made as a dental hygienist.

What kinds of hours do dental hygienists work?
Dental Hygienist Salary – How to Plan for A Better Pay

1.The Work Schedule of a Dental Hygienist:
A dental assisting worker boasts the flexible scheduling options featured in this type of career. There are lots of different schedules available. These schedule options include working full-time, part-time, evenings, and weekends. Many dental hygienists work in more than one dental office each week due to dentists only needing their assistance a couple of days per week. This allows time for other jobs or activities such as hobbies and recreational activities. Some dental hygienists take advantage of the ability to stay at home and take care of their children part-time while having a career and income at the same time.

2. Training Required:

If you are interested in a career as a dental hygienist, you can enroll in any of the accredited dental assistant schools in your area and earn the credentials needed to work in this field. You must graduate from the program, and pass a written and clinical examination before you can receive your license to practice.

3.Benefits of a Career in Dental Hygiene:
A career in dental assisting can be a very rewarding one with many great benefits. One benefit of choosing this field is that you can work in a medical profession without actually having to earn a medical degree. Another benefit is that you can complete the program at many dental assistant schools and be working in as little as twelve months.

Landing a Job as a Dental Hygienist ➣

After graduating from your dental hygiene program and becoming certified to practice, it's time to find a job!
Hopefully, whether you attended a two-year college, four-year university, or a master's program, your school has a career center where you can drop in and ask advice. The network of alums who graduated from your program and are now working in the dental field would be a great thing to tap into. Your instructors may also have professional contacts in the industry that they can get your interviews with.

General Job Boards:

After tapping these resources, you should hit the Web and look for advertised job openings. The major job sites all have plenty of listings for dental hygienists. Indeed.com has recent positions open in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Denver. Simply Hired has positioned as varied as a dental hygienist for inmates in a California correctional facility and a part-time dental hygienist at a nursing home in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dentistry-Specific Job Boards:

Next, turn to the job boards specifically targeted at the dental hygiene profession, such as DentalJobsBoard.net. Job seekers can post resumes here, as well as respond to job listings. However, be forewarned that some of these listings are only tangentially related to dental hygienist jobs, such as one posting that advertises a need for a Web developer to create the website for a dentist's office. However, if you are multitalented, this might be just the thing for you.


When you do get a response on your resume and cover letter and are invited in for an interview, keep in mind that you will most likely be interviewing with the dentist, not some HR manager. Dental hygienists work closely with dentists, and the dentist will want to know that you are trustworthy and professional before taking you on. This interview is not the time for all your childhood fears of visiting the dentist to come back!
The article "Inside a dental hygiene job interview" on dentistryIQ.com helps provide a good overview of what you should prepare for. The author was grilled for two hours by the dentist, and asked her own questions in turn, inquiring about his number of active patients and how quickly she would be expected to treat each patient. She got the job, and even more importantly, she knew what kind of work environment and the professional relationship she would be getting into. Hopefully, you will soon find yourself with a similar outcome.