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Dental Lab Technician Salary ➣

Dental Lab Technician Salary

If you have made up your mind to become a dental technician and you want to know how much one earns.
First, you must know the different salary widths for this kind of profession.
The dental lab technician salary differs from state to state and there are many other factors that create the differences in these amounts.
There are various ways of calculating the national average income for dental tech.

Here are ways to compute these amounts ➣

Starting Dental Lab Technician Salary
The dental lab technician salary often starts at $37,697 each year.
This is true for newcomers in the field. Experience is a great factor in the computation of the technician’s salary.
The more experienced ones can receive as much as $50,000 annually.

Certifications Will Increase Your Dental Lab Technician Salary ➣

Experience isn’t the only thing that could spike a dental lab technician’s salary, though.
Another factor is if the individual has earned a certification for this profession.
A certified dental technician could have a starting salary of as much as $40,000 per year while the more experienced certified technicians can be paid as much as $60,000 per year.
Now, there is a whole new meaning to the phrase – it pays to get certified – because it literally does!

Leadership Positions ➣

Those who belong to this bracket are the highest-paid dental technicians.
Their main job is to take care of the standards given by associations. They also need to monitor and teach certain processes to junior technicians.
The salary range for supervisors can be as high as $50,000-$70,000 per year.
Salaries with Related Job Titles
Lab technician – $30,000
Dental lab technician (dentures) – $39,000
Senior lab technician – $50,000-$70,000

The Dental Technician’s Geographical Location ➣

The dental technician’s salary greatly varies depending on his geographical location, his experience, and the employment industry. A technician can work in various settings such as dentist's offices, large labs, hospitals, manufacturing firms, educational facilities, sales and they can even run their own lab.
Learning about the pay rate of the dental technician is essential in making the choice of the right career – but did you know that there are actually factors that can increase the range of pay that is given to the dental technician? Here are some of the factors that can help to increase the range of pay for the dental technician – factors that students may want to consider in their training and job hunt:


There are certain programs that are available for students that wish to specialize in the job that is going to be chosen. Students have the ability to specialize in certain skills like creating veneers for patients or dentures for patients that have lost their teeth. Specializing in these skills and honing the abilities and experience can help to increase the rate of pay that is given to a student once the education has been completed.


Just like any other job, the more experience that is gained in the workplace and the expertise that has developed, the student is going to increase the amount that can be potentially earned while on the job. Obtaining work experience and landing a job that has potential for the student to work their way up to the career ladder can help to fast track this experience.


There are some locations that are simply paid higher than others for the various jobs that are available. Seeking dental technician jobs in locations with a higher rate of pay may mean that the dental technician is choosing a less than desirable location or there may simply be few dental technicians that are available in the area. This information is easily compared on the internet to help the student to make the decision of where they are going to practice once the education has been completed. Those who become laboratory managers or educators tend to make more. Those who become sales reps can also hold positions in research and marketing for dental supplies. Those who have their own labs earn the highest income. Depending on one’s state, the salary that a dental technician receives will also greatly vary. The District of Columbia has the highest salary for dental lab technicians which is at $30.21 per hour.
Delaware’s is as low as $17.87 per hour. The rest of the states have a median dental lab technician salary of $17.38 (According to payscale)per hour.

Salary vs. Per hour ➤

Dental Lab Technician Salary

Federal the law defines a salary as a regularly paid amount of money, which constitutes all or part of an employee's salary, paid weekly or less frequently. Performance is measured by the quality of your work, not the time it took to complete it. An employee's salary is not subject to reduction due to the quality or quantity of work performed.

If you are applying for a paid Dental Laboratory Technician job, there are a few things you should know about how it works. The biggest difference between salary and hourly pay is that your salary does not correspond to the number of hours you work. Whether you work 40 hours in a week or 80, you will continue to receive the same amount on your paycheck. Employers have the right to schedule salaried employees as they deem necessary. Generally, salaried employees generally don't have sick/personal time, so you won't have to worry about your payment being tied up if you need to take time off.

Most salaried employees are considered exempt employees and are not entitled to overtime pay. Some qualify as nonexempt employees and are eligible for overtime pay. Since most salaried employees do not receive paid overtime, make sure you know how many hours your employer will expect you to work. Some Dental Laboratory Technician salaries are considered base salaries, with the addition of bonuses for exemplary performance. A bonus can be a way to reward you for those long hours, even if you don't get paid overtime.
Be sure to clarify whether or not benefits are included in your dental lab technician salary. Most employers list them separately from their salary, but some may indicate a salary that includes the cost of benefits. Always get a detailed view of what your salary package includes.

On the other hand, the benefit of being an hourly employee is that you are guaranteed a certain amount of dollars for every hour you work. The established hours an employee has per hour are generally predictable. Time and a half for overtime is another advantage of being an hourly employee. Do not assume that the salary is necessarily better. Every job and every employee's personal situation is different, so evaluate the benefits and cut the numbers yourself.

How to Ask for a Raise ➤

It is wise to prepare yourself before going to your boss and asking for a raise.  Here are some things you can do to help your confidence and your chances of getting more money on your next paycheck. Discuss your contributions to the company and what you are ultimately hoping to receive. You never know until you ask!

1. Research What Pay Ranges a Dental Lab Technician Can Expect – Our site is a great way to compare what you are making to other employees' incomes in the same profession. We give you a general idea of the market-competitive compensation in your area. Are you on the low end of the pay range? If you are a hard worker, you may be eligible for a raise!

2.Evaluate Your Job Performance – Do you have experience or training that makes you more qualified than others in your position? Do you go above and beyond to perform your duties? Come up with a reasonable list of work-related accomplishments that depict why you should be paid more. These factors increase your value as an employee, so make sure you point them out to your boss.

3. Find an Appropriate Time To Approach Your Employer - Employers typically give a Dental Lab Technician a formal review on an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly basis.  If you have one upcoming, it may be most appropriate to take advantage of this opportunity to request a change in your pay rate. If you recently started a job, it may be inappropriate to request a raise before the one year mark. It may also be inappropriate to request a raise if there have been recent major employment changes at the company, like layoffs. A struggling company aiming to cut costs is likely not going to grant you an increase in pay.
It is best to set up a formal meeting with your boss. Do not just spring the question on him/her in an informal setting. If a meeting cannot be arranged, it is acceptable to send your employer a formal letter. Make sure you include why you stand out from others and display that you have done your homework regarding pay rates in your career field.
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