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Dental Technician – Is This the Same as a Dental Lab Technician?

Dental Technician-Is This the Same as a Dental Lab Technician?

Dental Technician, works in a laboratory environment and manufactures, adjusts, and repairs dental instruments and equipment. Working as a dental technician is a very good job for those who like to work with their hands and have a natural artistic instinct. In addition, this person should be detail-oriented and creative. This role is best for those who are not interested in direct contact with patients since medical technicians cannot examine, diagnose, advise, or treat patients. As one undergoes theoretical study and years of experience, one would be able to acquire dental prosthetics skills. These individuals who are able to grasp such skills are called laboratory technicians or dental technicians.

The skills of a dental technician include ➤

Creating prosthetics solutions including crowns, bridges, ceramics and partial or full dentures in accordance with the specifications of dentists.
2.Working with dental abnormalities
3.Working with orthodontic appliances
A dental technician is also called a dental laboratory technician.

Dental Technician Educational Requirements ➤

Though a dental technician generally receives on-the-job trainings, a lot of employers prefer those who have had formal training by attending community colleges or vocational-technical schools. A dental technician must have a high school diploma or GED. Those who have been trained by the U.S. Armed Forces are also generally picked by the best employers. Most of the programs for dental technicians lead to an Associate’s degree but some can also be 4-year programs that can lead to a Bachelor’s degree.

The Dental Technician’s Job ➤

Are you looking for a job in the dental industry that is going to enable you to work with teeth and take part in the health care process of teeth, without having to work with patients? Dental technicians are the behind the scenes members of the dental support team that provide care for patients without seeing them through the dental appliances and tools that are used to create a healthy smile.

The dental technician will work with the dental care team to create veneers for patients that are having cosmetic surgery to place the veneers on the teeth and create a whiter and brighter smile, will be part of the team that is going to help to create the orthodontic appliances to correct the smile and create crowns that are going to be used to restore the appearance and function of the teeth as well as assisting in the creation of dentures for patients that are missing teeth. As you can see, they are an integral part of the dental health care team through the necessary appliances and interventions that are created in the smile.

There can be between two and four years of education required in order to become a dental technician, with an additional four to five years of training take place in the program that is going to train the technician to create dentally appliances that are going to be used in the mouth. Through the high level of education, the techniques, and processes are learned to ensure that the dental a technician is going to be highly skilled in various aspects of the appliances.
Since the technician is highly skilled, there are many options that are available for employment working in dental laboratories or part of a dental practice on a dental care team.

Here’s an example of your would-be tasks ➤

1. Create a model of the patient’s mouth by pouring some plaster onto the impression or mold made by the dentist.
2.Examine the model for the bite, gum line, and surrounding teeth
3.Create and shape wax models of the patient’s tooth or teeth which will then be used as the framework for the needed prosthetic device
4. After the metal framework has been cast, dental technicians prepare the surface to adhere to the porcelain
5.Form teeth from porcelain
6. Continue in adjusting the shape and color of the teeth by placing it in the porcelain furnace. This will then bake the porcelain onto the metal framework.

The dental technician may not always be a part of the visible dental team at the office but this invisible team member plays a crucial role in making those patients smile a whole lot brighter.

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