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ER Nurse Salary, Duties and Job Information:

ER Nurse Salary, Duties and Job Information
Emergency room nurses are registered nurses trained in dealing with a variety of trauma situations requiring quick and decisive actions. They must be analytical in assessing incoming patients with both physical and mental health conditions. Emergency room nurses will prioritize injuries and medical needs of incoming patients, this is called “triage.” This involves identification of the problem, recording medical history, checking current medications, and taking the normal vital signs e.g., weight, temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. The emergency room nurse must be able to interact effectively with team members to evaluate and implement plans for patient care. Emergency rooms are open 24/7 – a nurse must be able to work under stress and have the endurance to work long hours if required. The emergency room nurse must be able to control emotions under critical situations.
Other duties include wound treatment; take blood samples; administer medications; assisting ER doctors; administer IV therapy; maintains supplies and equipment; inventory control within the unit; transport patients (within the facility).

Let’s tale a deeper look at the career of an ER Nurse:
Being a nurse in an emergency room, or an ER nurse is an exciting occupation. Oftentimes, one day is very different from the next. Education, training, and experience are all necessary for an ER nurse to succeed in the field. The following looks at some of the specifics involved in the occupation such as Salary, Education Requirements and Job Responsibilities.

Education Requirements

In order to work as an ER nurse, a person must first be a registered nurse. There are different ways to become a registered nurse. One is to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN), which takes about four years. Another way is to earn a two-year associate’s degree with a focus on nursing. Every registered nurse must pass an exam to become licensed. A nurse can also take an exam given by the Emergency Nurses Association to get certification and specialize in emergency room nursing.

Job Responsibilities:

An ER nurse must be multi-talented in order to serve any patient who shows up in the emergency room. There are patients who walk into the emergency room seeking help for an illness while others are brought by ambulance due to a heart attack, stroke or other urgent situation. Some of the basic responsibilities of an ER nurse include taking a person’s blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. ER nurses also record basic medical information such as a person’s symptoms. In addition, they clean and bandage the wounds of patients. In short, an ER nurse uses his or her skills to address the individual needs of each patient.

A Typical Day:

Unlike other types of nurses, the work of an ER nurse varies from day-to-day. One day, an ER nurse may help several patients who need treatment for the flu as well as assist a physician who is stitching up a gash on a child’s hand. Another day, an ER nurse may tend to a group of people who have serious injuries as the result of a car wreck. An ER nurse must be ready to handle a variety of people with injuries and illnesses. There are some relatively calm days in an ER as well as busy ones.

ER Nurse Salary:

Finally, there are a lot of factors that go into determining an Emergency Room Nurse’s Salary. One of those factors is education. A person who possesses a BSN will likely get a higher ER nurse salary than someone with an associate’s degree in nursing. This is because a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree has dedicated more years of study to the profession. Another factor that affects salary is experience. Not surprisingly, a registered nurse who has ten years of experience working in an ER merits a higher salary than a nurse with just two years experience. In general, an ER nurse salary ranges from $53,000 to $79,000 a year. Someone who aspires to be the head nurse of an emergency room would make an even higher annual salary due to the extra responsibility.

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