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How to Become a Home Health Nurse ➤

How to Become a Home Health Nurse

There is a growing market for home care nurses. A growing number of seniors are looking for a home health nurse for more personal care. Home care nurses provide more customized and personal care compared to hospitals or senior living communities. If you are looking for career in-home care, now is the best time to do so.
Becoming a home health nurse follows a similar path like most careers. Here are steps that can help you develop a career in-home care:

Complete a Nursing Program:

There are a couple of ways to complete a nursing program. These ways include getting an associate’s degree, a diploma, or a bachelor’s degree. You can get a diploma or associate degree by completing a two-year program in a community, vocational, or technical college. The students who go through this program must complete the required coursework, clinical practicums, and laboratory work. A bachelor’s degree lasts four years and consists of two years of general education and another two years of nursing units. A bachelor’s degree also requires students to complete laboratory and clinical coursework.
To boost your resume, you can also volunteer. There are organizations that provide students with opportunities to gain experience in-home care. Prospective nurses can gain experience by volunteering for these organizations.

Get Certified:

The next step to becoming a bona fide home health nurse is you must get certified. After getting a diploma or degree in nursing, prospective nurses must pass the requirements for the states they want to work in, and they must also pass the nursing board exam. Aside from the exam, there are states that require prospective nurses to undergo an additional 75 hours of training to become certified nurses. To pass the board exam, study the testing format and the procedures. Also, set aside time to study for the actual exam.

Experience is Vital:

Now that you have a diploma or degree and is certified, you must gain the necessary experience to get a good job as a home health nurse. You can gain the experience you need by working in an emergency room or an intensive care unit. The situations in an emergency room and in an intensive care unit help you develop the skills you need to become a successful home care nurse.

Required Skills:

A home care nurse must possess certain traits and skills to get hired. A home care nurse must be dependable, patient, good communication skills, and has good organization skills to be able to adjust to the needs of the person they are caring for. A home care nurse must also be in good physical shape to be able to assist an elderly or disabled person.


The responsibilities of a home care nurse include taking care of a patient on a long term basis. Home care nurses also help patients regain their independence and help monitor their medication. These are a few of the responsibilities of a home care nurse.
A Home Health Nurse provides home nursing services for patients that cannot physically make it to their doctor's office, are recuperating from surgery, or have a long-term disability that doesn’t require hospitalization. The duties of home health nurses include: taking blood pressure readings; general vital signs; treating wounds (dressing); monitor and record the progress or challenges their patient might have.

Other duties include: (duties vary depending on the type of home health care nurse required) administer IVs; draw blood; assist patient needs, daily tasks such as grooming, bathing, and moving (room to room); assist patient with rehabilitation; assist patient with simple exercises specified by a therapist; observe and record patients vital signs; communicate with attending physician any concerns; detail-oriented.
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