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How to Judge Dental Health of a Person?

How to Judge Dental Health of a Person?

We all know the challenge involved for a dentist to judge the dental health of a person. In many cases in general observation one cannot understand the actual dental condition from what does it appear in opening the jaw and exposing the teeth. A person may have developed cavities inside his mouth without showing any sign in the apparent clean set of glimmering teeth. In many cases, the opposite syndrome may also occur. A person with shabby and stained teeth may have solid and cavities free teeth without any painful symptoms. The demand for dental treatment in most cases stems from the cosmetic need of shaping the set of teeth better or removing stains from the teeth which are occurred from chewing tobaccos, smoking, or due to many other reasons. This is the reason why the discipline of cosmetic dentistry has become so much popular these days. Here we would introduce some of the most important aspects to judge the dental health of a person.

  •  Knowing from common symptoms ➣

The most common symptom of dental problems or dental ill health is the pain experienced in teeth or gum. This symptom is famous as with pain in teeth to judge the dental health of a person to be worthy of immediate treatment is most easy and preliminary. With deep scar in the teeth, a person is immediately judged to have some kind of dental problem or oral ill-health. Though irrespective of these symptoms or signs that are visible or easily recognizable a dental test or diagnosis is necessary to judge the dental health of a person.

  • Dental X-rays ➣

There are two types of dental X-rays of a person, intraoral dental X-ray, and extraoral dental X-ray. Intraoral dental x-ray is done in cases where the main focus is on the gum condition and teeth and this x-ray is focused on taking detail of the internal oral condition. In the case of an extraoral x-ray, the main focus is on the skull and jaw in relation to dental treatment.   These two types of x-rays can even be of different types in respect of particular areas of x-ray. Big wing x-ray, periapical x-ray are two major types of intraoral x-ray and panoramic x-ray, tomograms, cephalometric projections, sialography, computed tomography, are some of the major types of extraoral x-rays.

  • Symptoms of dental decay ➣

The decaying symptoms of dental ill health are numerous and most diverse in nature and most of these symptoms are actually the beginning to judge the dental health of a person from the perspective of diagnosis. Some of the most important symptoms of decaying dental health include abnormal bite, biting pressure, brown spots on teeth, chipped tooth or cracked tooth, freckled teeth, tooth pain, loose or moving teeth, yellow teeth, etc. Various diseases or physical ill-health can foster dental decay or dental ill health and this is the reason why a dentist before starting with a dental diagnosis must determine the secondary cause of dental decay in patients.
The factors mentioned here in regard to the procedure of how to judge the dental health of a person we must understand that dental health is a customized condition different in the case of every person.
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