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Live-in Caregiver | Private Caregiver: All You Need to Know ➤

What is a Live-In Caregiver?

A live-in caregiver offers practical assistance to a person who is unable to care for him or herself. The person has his or her own room in the client’s home and is available to help at all times. For example, a caregiver may stay with a senior citizen who has a difficult time moving around and is unable to perform basic tasks. A live-in caregiver is there to do whatever needs to be done to make the client’s life more comfortable. A person who works as a live-in caregiver must have patience and compassion. Essentially, a caregiver helps an ill or disabled person to function in his or her home. The person may be caring for a senior citizen, a disabled adult or perhaps a child who is ill. Someone who is considering this occupation should learn all of the details of the job.  Here are some specifics involved in the work of a caregiver who lives in a client’s home.

Caregiver Duties:

Someone who is considering this occupation should know that the duties of the job vary from client to client. For instance, one client may need help with cooking meals while another may need help with bathing and other personal care. Some other duties that a caregiver may perform include cleaning a home, shopping for groceries, making beds, and helping a client with his or her medication. The duties of a live-in caregiver depend upon the needs of the person being cared for.

Caregiver Training:

The caregiver course teaches the basics of caregiver work and everything about planning and structuring the job to meet day-to-day challenges. Whether you care for an elderly person or an infant or child, the curriculum also teaches how to fit into family learning to empower them to develop privacy, communication, and listening. avoiding conflicts with family, etc., a caregiver also learns how to drive and administer medications and how to work and communicate with the medical nurse and other medical staff. further subdivided into two Nano courses this comprehensive proficiency course has a total run time of just over one and a half hour Nano courses that are covered in This competition includes the role of caregiver. For an elderly person and for planning and working with the family, you can view the content as many times as you like during your membership period. After acquiring the theoretical knowledge, you can take a self-assessment test, you will be allowed to take three tests during your membership period, while you can take this course for proficiency in the duties and responsibilities of a caregiver. It is best to obtain a certificate for the full course, if you are a professional caregiver intending to achieve this competency or if you wish to obtain a certificate that you can share, you will have an appointment with them, then remember that I care, the certification will require the minimum grade on the theoretical assessment test. The occupations of caregivers and personal care aide are very similar in their job responsibilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is no formal training required for the occupation of personal care aide. However, caregivers are constantly learning on the job. Some fundamental skills that every caregiver should have include CPR certification as well as basic first aid training. A caregiver with experience cooking and cleaning will be more desirable to an employer than someone without that experience. A caregiver must also know how to safely move a person from a wheelchair to a bed and back again. Consequently, an adequate amount of physical strength is also a necessity for a caregiver living in a client’s home. A caregiver who garners as many skills and as much hands-on experience as he or she can is more likely to find steady work in this occupation.

How to Become a Caregiver ➤

You can work for a home care agency. These places include nursing homes and or hospice organizations. These facilities will sometimes hire, train, and pay their caregivers. Find local listings in the phone book or ask around to find the local homes in the area. A private citizen who is in need of care, or you may work for a person in need of care and be paid by the state. This job involves people who may have trouble getting around and they need someone to help them get dressed or take them places. There is also a need to provide companionship for those who are bedridden or just lonely. Check local bulletin boards of stores and worship centers for people seeking personal caregivers. Check out the local senior programs.  Find out if the center has a volunteer program, maybe put in a few hours. This will also look good on your resume should you choose to pursue a job in this field or similar occupation. Caregivers can also be hired by the state. A person at home and in need of care may qualify for state care as part of their health insurance plan. The state and not the individual will pay the caregiver for their work. These caregivers belong to an agency that contracts out to the state for jobs. These are known as Individual Providers or IPs. IPs have union representation and guidelines for certain tasks they can perform and the number of hours they can work. Once a caregiver is hired by the state, they must also pass a background check, be over the age of 18, complete all of the necessary training required by the state and sometimes sign confidentiality agreements.

Caregiver Duties: A Caregivers duties are limitless, tasks can fall under the day-to-day things, errands, medical care, or companionship.

Personal Care, Caregiver Duties: These duties can included but are not limited to helping an individual get out of bed, placed in a tub, dressed, fed, taken to the bathroom, even putting on make-up and grooming them.

Errand Caregiver Duties: These tasks can range from taking the client to their medical appointments, driving them to pick up food and prescriptions, take them shopping, take them to church, pick up mail, pick up dry cleaning, or to visit family and loved ones.

Medical Caregiver Duties: These duties may require you to have some kind of medical training and you will need to know about medicines and doses. Medical care can include giving the client their medicine on time or administering shots, checking vital signs, and talking to their doctor and making recommendations.

Companionship Caregiver Duties: This role of the caregiver is the most enjoyable because it doesn’t require any training, although it is very vital. Having someone to talk to, smile with, and laugh with can help break up a long and lonely time in a person’s life. Play a game with them, watch a movie, make some great snacks for them, read to them, and look through their photo album. Just being there can make a huge difference in their life, and it may help them get better or become more active. Caregivers’ duties are more than a job, they help people to live, keep their dignity and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Caregiver Salary:

The BLS reports that the annual caregiver salary is $23,210. The BLS further states that the rate of growth for this occupation stands at a rate of 70%. This means that employment in this career is growing at a faster than average rate! Our population is growing older and this means there will be an increased need for capable live-in caregivers.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of This Occupation:

Benefits ➢
This occupation can be personally rewarding.
A caregiver is helping improve a client’s quality of life.
This occupation gives the person a place to live as well as employment.
A caregiver has the opportunity to help a variety of people in this occupation.
There is also the opportunity to be a caregiver or live-in caregiver into being a private nurse.
Drawbacks ➢
Finally, there a few drawbacks to the occupation of a private or live-in caregiver. For one, the pay is low for anyone just beginning in this line of work. Also, it can be emotionally draining. A person in this field must be dedicated to meeting the needs of the client.

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