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Midwife Salary and Job Description ➤

Midwife Salary and Job Description

Thinking of becoming a Midwife?

The work of a midwife can be rewarding both personally and professionally. A midwife advises and helps an expectant mother throughout her pregnancy as well as during the delivery of the baby. A midwife also assists a mother with any needs she has after the birth of the child. Today’s midwives have dedicated professionals who participate in years of education and training in order to serve the needs of pregnant women. Consider some of the specific details related to this special vocation.

The Educational Requirements for a Midwife:

Today, midwives garner a solid foundation of knowledge and training that enables them to help expectant mothers in all stages of pregnancy. A midwife is also known as a certified nurse-midwife or CNM. In order to become a CNM, a person must first become a registered nurse. Then, the person needs to earn a graduate degree in obstetrics and gynecology. In addition, the individual must pass a national certification exam. Years of education and training prepare a midwife for the responsibility of helping a woman to safely give birth to a child.

Midwife Duties:

A midwife advises a pregnant woman on how to stay healthy and protect the health of her child. She also assists the expectant mother in making a birth plan. Her main purpose is to help a pregnant woman have the type of birth experience that she wants. During various stages of labor, she may guide the pregnant woman into a more comfortable physical position, walk with her, or rock her to relieve the pain of the contraction and help her with breathing techniques. A midwife encourages a woman during labor and does what she can to ease her fears. Postpartum care may involve the midwife advising a new mother on the care of her baby and answering any questions she has about her own recovery.

A Typical Day:

There is no single example of a typical day for a midwife. There are some midwives who handle very few births. Instead, they offer women basic gynecological care. This is a common practice in poorer areas of the country. As opposed to a busy doctor on a hospital’s maternity floor, a midwife who is helping a woman with a birth concentrates all of her attention on that particular woman and her child.

A Midwife Salary:

Finally, a midwife's salary differs from one professional to another. The factors that determine a midwife's salary are years of experience and training. The range of salary for a  midwife falls between $100k to $118k a year. A midwife must keep up her training and skills in order to continue in this profession.

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