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NICU Nurse Salary, Job Description, and Education Information:

NICU Nurse Salary,Job Description, and Education Information

The Occupation of NICU Nurse

A NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse works with the smallest of patients in a hospital. A NICU nurse provides care for premature babies and infants who have illnesses that prevent them from leaving the hospital. Successful NICU nurses are well-trained, experienced and observant. They are dedicated to serving the needs of babies in the NICU until they are well enough to go home with mom and dad. Discover some other important information about the occupation of the NICU nurse.

A Typical Day as a NICU Nurse

A NICU nurse may begin a work shift by checking the vital signs of each infant in his or her care. The nurse records an infant’s heartbeat, respiration, temperature and blood pressure. NICU nurses are expert at monitoring the conditions of their little patients. When a physician comes in to check the condition of an infant, he or she needs to have a medical chart with up-to-date information. A NICU nurse may be in charge of feeding several infants in the NICU as well as bathing and changing them. NICU nurses are also in charge of helping parents visit with their infants who are receiving care. For instance, a nurse may make sure that a parent has followed proper sanitary procedures before touching his or her baby. NICU nurses understand the tremendous importance of daily interaction between parent and child.

What Are Some of the Work Responsibilities?

One of the most critical responsibilities of a NICU nurse is to monitor the condition of each infant. A NICU nurse should take note of the smallest change in an infant’s condition and report it to the physician in charge. A change in an infant’s condition can mean that there is a need to make an adjustment in medication, diet or some other part of the routine. Of course, a NICU nurse should be skilled at bathing, feeding and changing infants who may be in incubators or receiving oxygen. A NICU nurse must be able to perform his or her job duties with confidence.

The Educational Requirements

A NICU nurse is also a licensed, registered nurse. He or she has earned either a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or an Associate’s degree. After gaining some hands-on experience working with infants, a registered nurse can pursue becoming certified in neonatal nursing. Certification in neonatal nursing adds to a nurse’s credentials and allows him or her to be even more successful on the job. NICU nurses must continue to add to their store of knowledge each year by taking courses and getting more training.

NICU Nurse Salary

Finally, the range for a NICU nurse salary is $65,000 to $75,000 a year. A NICU nurse salary can be higher if a nurse has many years of experience in this occupation. Additional education such a master’s degree in nursing can also result in a higher NICU nurse salary. A dedicated NICU nurse who makes an effort to learn about new techniques, medications and practices in this specialty will likely earn a higher than average salary.

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