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Oncology Nurse | Job Description, Duties, and Salary ➤

The oncology nurse plays a vital role in the care of cancer patients and their relatives. The main responsibility of the oncology nurse is to assist the oncologist in treating and caring for cancer patients, or high-risk patients who don’t have cancer but are at risk of developing it. The oncology nurse will administer chemotherapy and other treatments as directed by the oncologist. They will also be active in the treatment of any side-effects a patient might have after receiving treatment.

Other duties include ➣

giving blood transfusions; administer medications; conducts physical exams; maintains patients records; assists with patients treatment plan; schedule tests; provide emotional stability and a positive atmosphere for both the patient and family; provides counseling and education for patient and family; in the absence of the oncologist the oncology nurse will receive test results from the various departments, record and update the oncologist on their return.

Those are the basics of an Oncology Nurse. Below is a more in-depth look at the Oncology Nurse Career:Profile of an Oncology Nurse ➣

Oncology nurses are responsible for serving patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. They play a role in helping a patient through treatment and recovery. Though being an oncology nurse can be emotionally draining at times, these nurses are providing care to patients at a critical time in their lives. This can be both professionally and personally rewarding. Consider some pertinent details regarding the occupation of oncology nurses.

The Job Responsibilities of an Oncology Nurse ➤

An oncology nurse is responsible for giving a patient chemotherapy treatment, providing medication and offering other types of care related to a patient’s recovery. Oftentimes, an oncology nurse talks with a patient or family member of a patient to explain various medical procedures. These nurses also answer questions and address concerns of cancer patients. An oncology nurse is also responsible for recording patient information. A nurse may make a note of a patient’s symptoms or describe how the patient is responding to the treatment. Organized and thorough patient records help physicians to get a complete picture of a patient’s progress. A nurse often has information that can add to a physician’s understanding of a patient’s condition.

What Happens on a Typical Day in This Occupation? ➣

An oncology nurse who is just starting his or her shift will check to see who is receiving chemotherapy that day. The nurse helps to prepare the equipment and area where the chemotherapy will be administered. He or she also makes sure that the patient records are in order and complete. If a physician wants to give a patient a new type of medication, an oncology nurse provides the patient with dosage instructions and other important information related to the new meds.

The Education and Training Requirements ➤

Like most other nurses, an oncology nurse must earn either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree to become a registered nurse. All registered nurses must take an exam to become licensed. There is an option for a nurse to earn oncology nursing certification. This certification adds to the skills and training of a nurse who plans on making a career as an oncology nurse. Working with cancer patients and gaining hands-on experience is invaluable to a nurse who wants to pursue this special type of nursing. All oncology nurses must participate in continuing education in order to learn about the latest research and treatments of cancer.

Oncology Nurse Salary ➣

Finally, the range for an oncology nurse salary falls between $60,000 and $89,000 per year. Training, education, and experience are all factors in the oncology nurse salary that a professional receives. A nurse who is starting out in this specialty can increase his or her oncology nurse salary by asking for extra shifts and learning the subtleties of various cancer treatments. Attending workshops, lectures and courses also add to the potential for earning a higher oncology nurse salary. Not only that, but this additional knowledge only serves to increase the level of care an oncology nurse offers to his or her patients.
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