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How much is the physical therapy assistant salary?

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

After much research, you know what kind of work you want to do, but your next main question is, what is the physical therapy assistant salary? The good news is that employment is expected to grow much faster than average because of the increasing demand for physical therapy services. Job prospects for physical therapy assistants are expected to be very good for some time to come. As such, salaries will be robust reflecting the high demand for these types of services. The return on investment for a physical therapy assistant salary will prove profitable especially during the current economic crisis now affecting the US.
The physical therapy assistant (PTA) is a position that has grown in demand within the last decades and shows every probability of continuing to be a high growth field in the decades to come. The aging population of baby boomers coupled with the rise in the personal health and exercise arena has no doubt led to the current shortage of physical therapist assistants.
The current demand for the occupation is so great that specialization is beginning to become commonplace, with assistants focusing their skills on sports or exercise-related injuries for the majority of their careers. Others that originally enter as just aids go on to become a certified physical therapists and even start their own private practice.

A rewarding future:

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

Simply by specializing in a specific scientific area, physical rehabilitation personnel can easily improve their own profession. They could in addition advance to administrative opportunities exactly where that they organize all of the assistants in a very physiotherapy organization. The particular physical therapy assistant salary depends upon the job, degree of education, numerous years of encounter, training establishing as well as geographical location. To lessen the fee for physiotherapy services, helper practitioners have become much essential to physiotherapists. Due to increasing demand, physical rehabilitation personnel has a good possibility of a rewarding upcoming with good remuneration as well as positive aspects. Physical therapy associate careers offer new satisfying potential. It is said that a physical therapy assistant salary. Physical therapy assistants have got an excellent career.

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary ➤

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

The advantage of a career as a PTA is twofold. First, is the fact that it takes only a high school diploma to qualify for entry into a school or training program. Second, is the fact that a physical therapy assistant salary can be as high as $40,000 a year right after graduation from an accredited physical therapy assistant school.
Top job sites list the average salary for a physical therapist assistant in Texas as $69,800 as of Sept. 2018. The average salaries for job postings are Texas 6% higher than average salaries for job postings nationwide. This draws a lot of PTA’s to this state to earn higher wages.
The Bureau of Labor indicates that as of May 2018, the national occupational employment and wages for physical therapy Aid is as high as $49,000. Industries with the highest published employment for this occupation are offices of other health practitioners, general medical and surgical hospitals, nursing care facilities, and home healthcare services. These industries offer a mean wage of over $65,000.
America Agency on the job statistics demonstrates that professions are wonderful plus many more possibilities tend to be presented by themselves and have quickly produced in modern times instead of some other related work. The physical therapy assistant salary probable will be involving $58, thousand yearly or perhaps $27.91 each hour, whilst a physical therapy assistant salary around $33,000 to $79.000 each year along with about $23.00 per hour. And discover out there the amount a single gets within the various different declares you may make standby time with the salary loan calculator with earnings.org that may define your income level throughout every single city in the United States. The G.T.'s help will likely make certain that someone goes to and also through the therapy place safely.
Industries with the highest published wages for this occupation are, home healthcare services, employment services, nursing care facilities, community care facilities for the elderly, and individual and family services. These industries offer a mean wage of over $60,000.

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary by State ➤

It is important to know that as in real estate, three words hold the key to salary, location, location, location. According to the bureau of labor, the concentration of assistants is far greater in the eastern United States, then in the western region. In fact, the top four states with the highest concentration of jobs in this occupation are located east of the Mississippi River, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Kentucky.
In terms of salary for physical therapy assistant positions though, the states with the highest hourly mean wage are all located on coastlines, such as California with a mean hourly wage of over $24 to $35 Texas with a mean hourly wage of over $21 to $31 Delaware and Connecticut at over $19 to $27 respectively.

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary Florida:-

Another state that is enjoying an expansion in this occupation is Florida. Due to the high concentration of a senior population, coupled with a culture of health and physical fitness, the demand for physical therapy treatment has increased steadily. The mean hourly wage in Florida is over $25.00 to $36, just behind California. Top job websites list the average salary for physical therapy assistants as $74,000 annually. As you can see, this is certainly a lucrative opportunity for such a small commitment of time, two years.

Factors that may influence your wage:-

Total the main work outline with this therapy job is always to maintain your treatment part of an actual physical therapist training arranged and clean up, in addition, to prepare the procedure place for each and every sufferer’s therapy along with treatment. A physical therapy assistant salary will be relying on factors, for instance, the amount stage and also the town of employment along with encounters. Greater experience the physical therapy assistant salary scale will likely be and they also can gain all-around $22 in order to $35 an hour or so, to begin with along with after all-around fifteen years encounter they can earn $33 to $38 one hour. To learn more each student could contact the particular Bureau at work Statistics and request their own work prospect guide.

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary & Geographical Considerations ➤

Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

The advantage of a career as a physical therapy assistant is that there is no season, and it is not constrained by day or time. There are no geographical limitations as this occupation is conducted in every state in America and in fact is performed all over the world. The occupation in Europe is conducted under the title of Physiotherapy Assistant.
For those just happy to engage in this occupation in the United States, there are advantages and disadvantages no matter where you ultimately decide to practice this vocation. It might be advantageous to consider a salary and concentration upon completion of your training and education to ensure you can maximize your salary while working in a lower density or concentrated geographical region.
What this means is, that it is not enough to try to enter a market with a history of paying the highest wages, such as California and Texas, because the competition for those jobs will also be the highest. Conversely, if you consider only those states with the lowest concentration of practitioners, you could end up performing the same treatments for half of the amount paid in another state.
What it comes down to then, is quality of life. When you are ready to apply your skills and training, consider what kind of lifestyle suits you best. Are you an outdoorsy kind of person, or do you enjoy urban sophisticated pursuits such as the theater or fine dining? What kind of salary is necessary for each lifestyle? Armed with this knowledge, you can decide if a move is in order or if your current location is appropriate.
Overall the career of a PTA is very rewarding both professionally and in the flexibility, it allows in one's life. There are many considerations, but none more important than understanding your goals in life and the physical therapy assistant salary is a huge benefit to making your goals a reality. In accordance with the latest information furnished in the Agency of Labor Data, a physical therapy assistant salary involving $46, One hundred forty, with all the typical selection anywhere from $40,170 to over $70, Nine hundred each year. If you are thinking about relocating, there is a physical therapy helper jobs are available all through all declares, creating this a fairly easy career to be in for the move. Move to a new condition will have little effect on your physiotherapy associate salary. Generally, the physical therapy assistant salary in a few states maybe $42,000 where the living costs are lower, and maybe all the way to $54,000 per year typical wage in a very place, for instance, New York. It really does depend upon your geographical area.

Physical Therapy Assistant Schools:-

Physical therapy assistant schools and training programs usually take only a couple of years and each state carries its own requirements. Certain states may require the applicant to hold an associate's degree, and most require some form of licensure.
States with the highest published employment concentrations and wages for this occupation are, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Oklahoma and Massachusetts. The top-paying states for this occupation are, Texas, California, Nevada, Connecticut, and Florida.
Metropolitan areas with the highest concentration of workers in this occupation is, New Bedford, MA, Gadsden, AL, and Bowling Green, KY. The top-paying metropolitan areas for this occupation are, McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX, Corpus Cristy, TX, and Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA.

Physical Therapy Assistant Vs. Physical Therapist ➤

Although a PTA may not be as highly regarded as a Physical Therapist, it is important to remember that entry into this field can be much easier and quicker and require a much smaller financial investment to begin earning a decent salary. In today’s difficult economic times, it may prove wiser to gain entry into this expanding field as a physical therapy assistant and later move up to a full-fledged Physical Therapist with a wealth of training and experience behind you.
Medical and scientific research is changing the way some therapy or treatments of injuries and ailments are conducted. An assistant conducts treatment under the supervision of the physical therapist and may treat a patient alone or in collaboration with the physical therapist or medical doctor.
Orthopedic surgeons have advanced the science of knee and hip replacement procedures to such a degree that thousands are performed each year requiring hours and hours of physical therapy to redevelop the mobility, strength and balance for each patient. The assistant may become proficient with the use of a variety of treatments such as exercise, massage, ultrasound, hot and cold therapy and electrical stimulation in order to rehabilitate the human body to as close to full recovery as possible.


The money you can make as a physiotherapy assistant is actually fully your decision. You’ll find elements that will perform to the quantity you can generate but, you might also need to treat which element. Pick a specialty, it can help. Generally in most career fields involving technology or medication, picking a niche helps you gain more. As a physical therapy assistant, the region of the niche will have a great do along with your earnings. In relation to being an assistant, there are several typical aspects of the niche for you from which to choose. Together with every niche, physical therapy assistant salary will vary. These kinds of more effective areas of the niche are generally work-related, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary, pediatric, integumentary, heated, and neurological. It can be said that no day is always the same as the last and the physical therapy assistant who enjoys working with people and the success of rehabilitating people on the mend, can enjoy a satisfying and lucrative career in healthcare.

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