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Job Titles for Dental Assistants in Texas

Job Titles for Dental Assistants in Texas ➤

Job Titles for Dental Assistants in Texas

If you are considering a career as a dental assistant, you may be wondering about the different job possibilities that exist once you actually get into the field. You have a number of options, some of which include dental assisting positions that require more training.

Here is a basic list of the job titles for which you will be qualified after you complete the required coursework, tests and other requirements:

Dental assistant:
This is an entry-level position. In the state of Texas, a dental assistant can perform basic supportive dental procedures such as patient reception and accommodation and equipment handling under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist. While no education requirements exist for this level of dental assisting, it is nevertheless to your advantage to seek training at a qualified institutions such as the Dental Assistant Training School of Harlingen.

Registered dental assistant (RDA):
An RDA is considered the next step above a dental assistant. To qualify, you need to do the following:

complete a basic life support course;
Complete another course, as specified by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE), which includes procedures for positioning and exposing dental radiographs, jurisprudence, and infection control.
You can also opt to earn the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certificate and complete Texas Jurisprudence Assessment (TJA). Once you have done one or the other of these pairings, then you need to apply for RDA registration with the TSBDE.

The dental assistant are qualified to perform expanded functions
A dental assistant or RDA can eventually get licensed to perform more complex procedures. They include pit and fissure sealant application, coronal polishing and nitrous oxide administration. Following are the licensing requirements for each duty:

Pit and fissure sealant application
two years of dental assisting experience
completion of a course in basic life support
completion of a minimum of 8 hours of a TSBDE-approved instruction/clinical training in pit and fissure sealants registration with the TSBDE
 Coronal polishing

two years of dental assisting experience OR
completion of a minimum of 8 hours of TSBDE-approved instruction/clinical training in coronal polishing OR
Achieve DANB CDA certification and completion of TSBDE jurisprudence assessment
Graduation from a Dental Assistance Program accredited by the Commission for Dental Accreditation (CODA) which includes clinical instruction/training in coronal polishing and completion of TSBDE jurisprudence assessment.
registration with the TSBDE
 Nitrous oxide administration

completion of a TSBDE-approved nitrous oxide monitoring course
registration with the TSBDE
With each new level of competency comes to a corresponding increase in salary. Eventually, the training and experience you can gather at each of these levels can help propel you into  more challenging careers in dental hygiene or even dentistry itself.

At the Dental Assistant Training School of Harlingen, we can not only give you the edge in a challenging job market but also give the solid foundation you will need to build a successful career in the dental field. Your future is looking brighter than ever as a dental assistant. So contact us today for the information you need to get started on your path to a career that will grow with you.