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Essential Qualities of the Physical Therapist

Essential Qualities of the Physical Therapist

Essential Qualities of the Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is a method of health care that aims to restore, maintain, and promote physical mobility in patients of all ages who have limited ability to move or perform physical activities in their daily lives. A Physical Therapist (PT) is a licensed health care professional who uses a variety of treatments such as stretching, physical manipulation, strengthening exercises, heat/cold treatment, hydrotherapy (involving exercises in pools or tubs), electrical stimulation, and massage to help the patient achieve better health and mobility, less pain, and more independence. A PT will have a minimum of 4 years of coursework emphasizing such topics as anatomy, biomechanics/kinesiology (the study of human movement), and therapeutic procedures and in order to practice, must pass a national licensing exam. Most physical therapists will have earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. A Physical Therapy Assistant will have earned an Associate's Degree and assists the PT in the treatment of the patient. Professionals with a physical therapy degree assist patients recovering from injuries, disease, stroke, surgery, illnesses, or developmental disorders and help them regain strength and mobility through a variety of exercise, stretching, and treatments. There are many qualities that are desirable in a good physical therapy professional. Above all, whether a physical therapy aide, assistant or a physical therapist, the individual should possess a strong desire to help others; their entire career is based around helping their patients.

1. Intelligence
A physical therapist has to be intelligent. Physical therapy degree training programs are highly competitive so only the brightest gain admission, succeed in the program and pass the difficult licensing exam.

2. Understanding
Therapists must possess an excellent science background and knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology gained through extensive training. They should have an excellent overall understanding of how the human body functions and what can go wrong with it. Due to the hands-on, interactive nature of the patient exercises, the physical therapist must possess some level of coordination, dexterity, and strength.

3. Good interpersonal skills
Because the physical therapist will be working with all types of patients, he should possess very good people skills. Patients are often in pain and therefore, may be irritable. Patients may be very young or very old. Patients may often be disabled, either physically or mentally, which can sometimes make some people feel uncomfortable. But a good physical therapist will be comfortable working with all types of patients and know how to bring out their best. Further, good interpersonal skills are required because the therapist is usually just one member of an extensive health care team and will need to interact constructively with nurses, physicians, assistants, and aides.

4. Motivator
A physical therapist should be motivational; they will need to push people to their mental and physical extremes in order to get the greatest benefit from their therapy. A good therapist can get that extra set of reps from the tired patient.

5. Patience 
Patience is another valued quality. Therapy is often a slow, painful process, which can take many months to see a significant gain. Also, patients may need to be displayed with patients who are non- compliant or have poor attitudes.

6. Teaching skills
Teaching skills are also valuable as the therapist needs to explain different techniques, procedures and exercises to patients in a clear way that the patient will understand and therefore, be able to perform even at home.

7. Good communication skills
Good communication skills are essential. A physical therapist should also have good problem-solving skills. He must diagnose the patient’s problems and know how to address the issues. Each patient is different and will require an individualized treatment plan designed by the therapist.

8. Positive attitude 
A good therapist is also compassionate and caring and truly wants to help his patients. The therapist’s positive attitude will help motivate the patient who is struggling with difficult tasks.

9. Life-long learner
A physical therapist should also be a life-long learner. Not only is continuing education coursework required to maintain licensure, but a good therapist will have a desire to keep up and learn the latest techniques and newest methods to help his patients achieve success. An outgoing, warm and positive personality will also go a long way toward establishing the trust and cooperation of the patient. The patient needs to feel comfortable working with the therapist.

10. Flexible and open to experimentation
A good physical therapist should also be flexible and open to experimentation. Each individual patient will require his own personalized treatment plan and what works for one patient may not work well for another; so the therapist should be open to trying alternatives.

11. Good listener
A therapist should also be a good listener; hearing what the patient has to say is an important part of making a diagnosis and designing a treatment plan that is appropriate for the patient. Finally, attention to detail and good written communication skills are needed since medical notes and charts are a primary means of communication between the physical therapist and other health professionals.

Key To Success Is Self Motivation And Hard Work.

Essential Qualities of the Physical Therapist

The duration needed for an individual to become a physical therapist basically relies on oneself. The effort you exert on your physical therapy study, training and practice could determine the length of time that you need in order to finish the course program. You should have a strong conviction, desire, drive, and great aspiration to become a physical therapist.
If you have what it takes to be a physical therapist, then the 7 years required for becoming a physical therapist would just fly by. On the other hand, you may have additional years of studying and training if you lack the drive and does not take the physical therapy degree program seriously. So fundamentally, the length of your studies relies on your hands. It is up to you to focus, sacrifice and work hard if you want to be a certified physical therapist.

Essential Personal Qualities To Become A Successful Physical Therapist

1. Compassion
This is the most important quality that physical therapists should have. Most of the physical therapist is drawn to this profession because of their desire to help other people. Their patient is mostly in pain so it is important that they have empathy when working with their patients.

2. Dexterity
Physical therapists mostly utilize their hands when performing physical therapy procedures on their patients. It is essential that they apply therapeutic exercise and manual therapy with comfort to their patients.

3. Detail Oriented
The same with other professionals in the health or medical field, the physical therapist should possess a strong observational and analytic skill when it comes to diagnosing patients’ health problems, assess treatments, and providing effective and safe care.

4. Physical Stamina
The physical therapist should be physically fit and enjoy physical activity. They spend most of their time moving and relying on their feet as they work with their patients.

5. Interpersonal Skills
A physical therapist should be sociable and enjoy interacting with people because they spend most of their time interacting with their patients as well as with the patient’s family. They should be able to explain clearly the treatment program that they would employ, listen to the concerns of their patients regarding the therapy, and educate their patients in order to hasten the therapy procedure and patients’ recovery.

Physical therapy is beneficial to a wide variety of patients, including those with:

1.Sports or orthopedic injuries
2.The elderly
3.Patients with neurological conditions
4.Patients with musculoskeletal diseases

Physical therapy is often ordered for a patient by a physician. The PT evaluates each patient, examining factors such as range of motion, muscle strength, balance and coordination and then designs and administers a treatment plan specifically for that individual's needs. Physical Therapists treat patients in a variety of settings such as hospitals, private clinics, sports and fitness centers, home health agencies, schools, and nursing homes. Anyone seeking a physical therapy degree should have good interpersonal skills, be a good listener as well as a good teacher, and enjoy working closely with people. There are several types of physical therapy degrees and a number of areas in which a PT may specialize.

Advantages Of Being A Physical Therapist.

Essential Qualities of the Physical Therapist

Choosing a career is essential for everyone because it is the one that we would do for most of our lives. It is therefore important that you are enjoying your work and could support you as well. Just like the other professions in the healthcare field, physical therapy is one of the most promising jobs there is. The satisfaction and pleasure of physical therapists from aiding other people can never be matched. It is a different feeling when a physical therapist sees their patient thankful and able to recover and improved in functioning. There are so many reasons why one should pursue physical therapy as their career.
The physical therapist also earns well from their profession. Most certified physical therapists love their work very much because it gives them the opportunity to travel to foreign countries. Being able to work abroad (which is in high demand), the physical therapist has many opportunities and opportunities abroad, not to mention the great salary they could earn.
Although some physical therapist encounters bratty and unfriendly clients, it is still a small setback for what they gain for being a physical therapist. In the first place, people chose the physical therapist profession because they want to help other people. The financial status, traveling around the world and monetary rewards is simply a bonus that comes after.
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